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Wii Mario Kart Wheel

Wii Mario Kart Wheel

August 5, 2016

Mario Kart Wii with Extra Wheel                               

It appears that the best thing to do is buy the Mario Cart Wii which comes with one Wheel and then buy the additional wheels separately. This is the cheaper route to take.

Mario Kart Wheel

You have some choices in wheels on the popular webside

Official Nintendo Wii Wheel
Wii Turbo Wheel - Pink
Wii Turbo Wheel - Blue

Official Mario Kart Wii Wheel

Where to Buy Mario Cart Wii with Extra Wheel

Don't delay. Popular Toys for Christmas sell out quickly. Shop for Mario Kart Wii Whells at Ebay and Walmart.

Mario Kart Wii Wheel with Remote     Nintendo Wii Wheel Black    2x DreamGear Racing Turbo Wheel for Mario Kart 8


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